The Maker Effect

Throughout the world, individuals calling themselves “makers” learn together, educate others, and openly share their innovative ideas so that others can build on their innovations. These actions are leading to rapid improvements in tools such as 3D printers, the design of new products across all categories, and the creation of businesses and jobs.

Today’s makers are providing the knowledge, skills, and tools to anyone willing to take ownership of their own future – democratizing innovation in the way that the invention of the printing press, the rise of personal computing, and the proliferation of the internet did in previous innovation cycles.

As our cities struggle to fund STEM / STEAM education, makers create places and inspire children (and adults) to learn; as we look for sustainability solutions, makers find innovative ways to repurpose products and manufacture locally; as we see large companies downsizing, makers are using crowdfunding to launch products, start businesses, and create jobs.

The Maker Effect is the sum of the personal growth, professional success, community development, and continuous innovation that results when makers learn, educate, share, and create together.