Maker Research

Makers are having profound effects on their communities, as evidenced by numerous individual success stories. While these stories are powerful, they don’t allow us to easily understand how to transfer this success to other communities, cities, or companies. In order to fully understand the impact of makers, The Maker Effect Foundation conducts and publishes research on makers and the impact they are having in their communities, schools, and companies.

The Maker Mindset Assessment

The Maker Effect Foundation is conducting a research study to understand the personality traits and non-technical skills used by makers when working alone and in teams. We hope to answer questions such as: “What are the common strengths of makers?”, “How do maker communities create community success?”, “Why should I hire makers?”, etc. The results of this study will be part of an upcoming publication from The Maker Effect Foundation.

By taking a short, online individual assessment, you’ll receive an individualized report that you can use for your own learning and development. We have licensed the Entrepreneurial Dimensions Profile™ assessment from the Leadership Development Institute at Eckerd College for this research. This is normally $45, however it will be provided to makers participating in this study at no charge.

Dimensions Assessed:

Preference for Limited Structure
Risk Acceptance
Action Orientation
Need to Achieve
Future Focus
Idea Generation
Interpersonal Sensitivity


Enroll in the Maker Mindset Assessment

Please share this research project with your maker friends, family, and co-workers!

The Maker Stories Project

The Maker Effect Foundation is collecting inspiring stories from maker of all ages, and from around the world. This exciting new project will share those stories allowing makers to connect with each other based on geography or interests.

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