In Central Florida, The Maker Effect Foundation actively promotes STEM / STEAM education, maker organizations, maker startups, and maker events. We do this by partnering with other Central Florida organizations such as FamiLAB and the Orlando Science Center, as well as startups such as DeltaMaker, Animatronic Shop, GadgetcatSunshine Labs, and Monkey Wrench Manufacturing. If you’d like more information on the maker community in Central Florida, or would like to partner with The Maker Effect Foundation, please email us at

Partner: FamiLAB

FamiLAB is Orlando’s hackerspace – a 6k square foot physical space full of maker tools AND an amazing maker community. FamiLAB’s mission is “to be a community that fosters learning and creativity through hands-on projects, collaboration, and the sharing of skills & tools to improve ourselves and enrich the world around us.” Founded in 2009, FamiLAB continues to grow and thrive through the hard work of its members. The Orlando Business Journal recently called FamiLAB, “powderkeg of new potential economic activity that’s expanding,” and we couldn’t agree more. If you’ve never been to FamiLAB, you should attend an Open House on the first Tuesday of each month. See you there!

Partner: Orlando Science Center

The Maker Effect Foundation partnered with Orlando Science Center and FamiLAB to produce maker events at OSC including Orlando Mini Maker Faire 2014, Maker Faire Orlando 2014 and Maker Faire Orlando 2015. We love their passion and their vision – which is to “to be the community partner that fosters creativity and curiosity for Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM); which stimulates the kind of innovation that transforms our economy and enhances lives.”

Maker Startup: DeltaMaker

Started with a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2013, DeltaMaker is currently shipping its delta-design 3D printers to kickstarter backers. We helped test one of the first production DeltaMaker printers and were so impressed we’ve been taking a DeltaMaker printer to all our events. The open design of the DeltaMaker 3D printer draws  attendees in to see how it works, and the best part is that “it just works” – which is quite a switch from our previous 3D printers!

Maker Startup: Monkey Wrench Manufacturing

Monkey Wrench Manufacturing is a new startup that provides design, prototyping, and manufacturing services for closed IP or Open Hardware products. If you are a maker (or established business) looking to take that next crazy idea to market quickly with an experienced partner, you should contact Monkey Wrench Manufacturing!